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752 days & 2500+ failed attempts later...

Life lessons + Honesty + Involvement + Fun

Ok, let's do it...

Good Citizens was born in 2018 over a family dinner. Harry (8) & Archie (6) were upset about how much plastic waste was piling up in the world.

Two months later, a plan was in place to help untrash the planet™

We scribbled down four guiding principles:

1) Only use 100% recycled materials
2) Make products that last
3) Don't exploit people or the planet
4) Employees get time with their kids or loved ones.

These guide every decision we make.

After 2503 nos we got a yes...

It took us 752 days to invent a way to turn the plastic of one single-use bottle into a pair of 100% recycled sunglasses frames. There were some very dark days but eventually we cracked it and the sun came out! 

Made in Sydney

We control the entire manufacturing process to make sure no person, nor the planet, is exploited.

Selfridges London

Selfridges London were so fascinated by our determination & story, they gave us an entire window next to Prada for 3 months.

Sharing our story

We regularly give talks around the world with the hope it inspires others to work with recycled materials. Watch our latest keynote speech from Dubai.

Talking at the United Nations

We were invited to speak on a panel at the UN's Global Impact Conference about transparent supply chains.

Global headlines & front page news.

We’ve been featured on prime time TV news here in Australia and overseas, National Geographic, Forbes, Monocle and even the front page of the Sydney’s Sunday paper, The Sun Herald.

Any attention that helps raise awareness of the single-use plastic issue is good attention.

And the winner is...

We've been fortunate enough to be internationally recognised for our unique repairable design. So much so, we're now judging design and sustainable awards.

In London, we recently won the 2022 Marie Claire UK fashion award for 'Best Sustainable Accessory Brand (Eyewear).

Education & teaching

To inspire the next generation, Nik’s teaches at three design & fashion universities in Australia on working recycled materials into design and production.

The kids still get involved

They love being involved. They help out with everything from packing to making the big decisions.

They deserve a voice because it's their future planet.