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Award-winning design • Fast & free shipping when you buy 2 pairs • Easy returns.

When you promise your kids, there’s no going back

Life lessons. Honesty. Listening. Involvement. Fun.

Daaaaaad do it

Good Citizens was born in 2018 over a normal family dinner that turned out to be anything but. Harry (8) & Archie (6) were upset about how much plastic waste was piling up in the world.

Two months later a plan was in place to help untrash our planet.

Together we scribbled down four guiding principles:

1) Only use 100% recycled plastic
2) Design products that last & can be repaired easly
3) No person nor the planet should be exploited
4) Employees get time with their kids (guess whose idea that was?!)

These help guide every decision we make.

In the media

We’ve been featured on prime time TV news here in Australia and overseas, National Geographic, Forbes, Monocle and even the front page of the Sydney’s Sunday paper, The Sun Herald.

Nik’s mum reckons she heard BBC Radio 2 talking about us in the UK too.

Any attention that helps raise awareness of the single-use plastic issue is good attention.

Our kids help to make the decisions

They love being involved; we don't force them. They help out with everything from packing to making the big decisions.

They deserve a voice because it's their future planet and the beauty is, they ask the obvious questions!

Incredible citizens

A lot of very special people have helped us along the way. Designers, plastic experts, professors, engineers, optometrists, sea tidal experts, numbers geniuses and a couple of kids who weren’t prepared to leave the future of their planet in someone else’s hands.

Never go on TV with your kids

Part of our mission is to educate & show how good design and recycled materials can help fix the single-use plastic issue. We've appeared on podcasts, TV shows and spoken at events including the United Nations 2020 Global Compact conference.

The sustainable space is not regulated and so many brands get away with making wild claims. Whilst we're not perfect, we will always be honest and transparent.

As Nik says, "Nothing is more transparent and frightening than sharing a stage with your kids and not knowing what will come out of their mouths next."