25% OFF (2nd pair) & FREE SHIPPING. Code 'BUDDIES25'
25% OFF (2nd pair) & FREE SHIPPING. Code 'BUDDIES25'

752 days & 2500+ failed attempts later...

Ours is a story of sheer determination and a belief we can help untrash the planet™ of plastic.
We turn single-use bottles into 100% recycled sunglasses. From an entire window in Selfridges London
to speaking at the UN, our story of hope has reached every corner of the world. 

Citizen Feedback


We can make up single vision prescription sunglasses & spectacles. Learn more

When you promise your kids, there’s no going back.

Good Citizens was born in 2018 over a family dinner.

Harry (8) & Archie (6) were upset about how much plastic waste was piling up in the world, so we hatched a plan to untrash the planet™

Citizen Number

When you buy a pair of our sunglasses, you are issued a unique citizenship number. It’s yours for life.

Time to wave.

If you see another citizen wearing our sunnies, wave and ask them what citizen # they are!

Good news + $10 OFF

We’re here to untrash the planet not trash your inbox.