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Feel good about looking good

At Good Citizens, we create premium recycled sunglasses you’ll love from 100% recycled, single-use plastic bottles. And for every pair you buy, we also pull 1kg of harmful plastic waste out of the ocean.

By wearing Good Citizens sunglasses you're untrashing our planet. 

Modular: fix & mix

Sat on your sunnies? No worries. Every frame part can be replaced and fixed. Even the hinges. As we release new limited colours and styles you can mix things up; think Lego. 

Your citizenship number

When you buy a pair, you are issued with your citizenship number. It’s yours for life. 

If you see a fellow citizen wearing our sunnies, wave; ask them what citizen number they are!

Current Citizen Population: {citizen_count}

Ocean cleanup

Buying a pair of our sunnies pays for 1kg of plastic to be pulled out of the ocean. And we do this with the help of our NGO partners.

1 bottle makes 1 pair

100% recycled sunglasses made from a 600ml single-use bottle.

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