Free shipping with 2 pairs / Easy returns
Free shipping with 2 pairs / Easy returns

Made in Sydney from a soda bottle, how refreshing!

We create sunglasses you’ll love from 100% recycled, single-use plastic bottles.
Our modular design means every part is customisable, fixable & recyclable.
All frames our fitted with polarised lenses.

Citizen Feedback

When you promise your kids, there’s no going back.

Good Citizens was born in 2018 over a family dinner.

Harry (8) & Archie (6) were upset about how much plastic waste was piling up in the world, so we hatched a plan to untrash our planet.

Citizen Number

When you buy a pair of our sunglasses, you are issued a unique citizenship number. It’s yours for life.

Time to wave.

If you see another citizen wearing our sunnies, wave and ask them what citizen # they are!

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We’re here to untrash our planet not trash your inbox