Made in Sydney. Shipped worldwide. Free shipping over 2 pairs (Aus/NZ/USA/EUROPE)
Made in Sydney. Shipped worldwide. Free shipping over 2 pairs (Aus/NZ/USA/EUROPE)

Trash into Good

1x 600ml bottle = 1 pair. 100% recycled

Look good, feel good

We exist to help untrash our planet. 

At Good Citizens, we create sunglasses you’ll love from 100% recycled, single-use plastic bottles. And for every pair you buy, we take 1kg of harmful plastic waste out of the ocean. 

Thoughtfully made in sunny Sydney like no other pair on the planet.


Sat on your sunnies? Every part can be replaced. We post you a new part so you can fix it in seconds. And we'll recycle any broken parts you post back to us. Good for you & the planet ;-)

Citizen number

When you buy a pair of our sunglasses, you are issued a unique citizenship number. 


If you see another citizen wearing our sunnies, wave & ask them what citizen # they are!

Unique design

To make the glasses out of one bottle, we've reinvented the hinge to remove all screws and metal. Our design means all parts are fixable and recyclable.

The clip is also part of our distinctive look making them easily recognisable. 

In the media

We’ve been featured on prime time TV news here in Australia and overseas, National Geographic, Forbes, Monocle and even the front page of the Sydney’s Sunday paper, The Sun Herald.

Nik’s mum reckons she heard BBC Radio 2 talking about us in the UK too.

Any attention that helps raise awareness of the single-use plastic issue is good attention.

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