To help you untrash the planet® of single-use plastic

Untrashing is part of every aspect of our brand, from design, manufacturing, ocean clean ups to helping to reshape the educational curriculum in Australia.

Plastic waste to good use

We all know the world’s drowning in single-use plastic. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans by weight than there are fish.

We take the most undesirable trash on the planet and turn it into the most desirable and affordable eyewear.

100% recycled frames

We only use 100% recycled materials in our business. The plastic from one discarded 600ml single-use bottle makes the frame & hinges of one pair exactly. No screws, no metal. 

This magic happens in Sydney!

You've helped us to space

If we lined up all the bottles end to end that have either been used in our production or collected as trash, they’d stretch this far!

View our total impact here

Kids now study Good Citizens

We've lectured and presented at some of the best institutions in Australia including The Powerhouse Museum, RMIT, University of Technology Sydney and Monash University.

Last year Good Citizens principles and design logic became part of the Victorian Education Curriculum and exam process. Kids now officially study Good Citizens!

Sharing our story

Nik and Harry regularly give talks around the world with the hope it inspires others to make change. They've spoken to Tesla, Google & the United Nations to name a few.

To book them for a keynote or panel discussion. Please contact Saxton

Powered by nature

Our back office and workshop run off 100% carbon neutral green power. Our parts are made in Sydney powered by solar energy from the sun.

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