To help you untrash the planet® of single-use plastic

Untrashing is part of every aspect of our brand, from design, manufacturing, packaging to shipping, ocean cleanups & energy consumption.

Plastic waste to good use

We all know the world’s drowning in plastic. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans by weight than there are fish.

We upcycle discarded single-use plastic bottles and turn them into beautifully-designed, sustainably-made sunglasses.

100% recycled frames

The plastic from one discarded 600ml single-use bottle makes the frame & hinges of one pair exactly. No screws, no metal. 

This magic happens in Sydney!

28.5 bottles per pair is untrashed

1 bottle to make the glasses, 2.5 bottles to make the case and cloth. 0.5 kilo of plastic or equiv. weight of 25 bottles stopped from reaching the ocean via our plastic collection partner Plastic Bank. (Verified)

View our total impact here

Made in Australia

We control the entire manufacturing process to make sure no person, nor the planet, is exploited.

100% recycled packaging

Our box, case & cleaning cloth are made from 100% recycled materials.

Our courier bag is compostable and our delivery service is 100% carbon neutral.

Repairable frames

Our modular design means all parts can be fixed by you in seconds. Good for you & the planet.

End of life - free returns

We take back broken parts of our frames to be recycled. Please email us at and we’ll give you the free Reply Paid address to send them to.

Meet our citizens

Everyday citizens wearing our glasses and untrashing the planet®

Show Me!

The day we go out of business will be a good day for the planet.

We're not crazy, we're just honest. The day we run out of discarded single-use bottles to recycle means we've done our bit to help the planet ;)

Carbon negative

For each pair of sunglasses sold, we prevent 10kg of carbon from reaching the earth's atmosphere.

That covers the manufacture & transport of all the elements involved in the making of our shades plus a bit more.

Green power

Our back office and workshop run off 100% carbon neutral green power.

Our UN Sustainable Goals

We spoke at the United Nations 2020 Global Impact conference. We deliver on five of the UN’s 2030 goals.

SDG 8 Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
SDG 9 Industry, innovation & infrastructure
SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production 
SDG 14 Life below water 
SDG 15 Life on land

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