The words 'sustainable & ethical' are overused and confusing

We believe in radical transparency. This is our version of sustainable & ethical.

100% recycled frames

Our frames are made from the plastic of one discarded post -consumer PET bottle. Nothing else is added - no metal, no screws - making them recyclable too.

100% repairable

Our modular design means all parts can be customised or fixed by you in seconds. You don't need any tools to swap out parts.

Dog munch your glasses? No problem we can post you a new part.

Made in Sydney

We manufacture our frames in Australia to make sure no person, nor the planet, is exploited and everyone gets paid a fair wage.

We've been globally acknowledged for our attention to detail and superior quality frames.

Our process is zero waste. Every piece of our off-cut plastic finds a new home.

Jobs for all

Our dispatch centre in Sydney is run by people with disabilities and their team of carers. They have a super fast process meaning they never miss a beat.

100% recycled packaging

Details matter. Our box, case & cleaning cloth are also made from 100% recycled materials.

Our courier bag is compostable and our delivery service is 100% carbon neutral.

Less CO2

Because we use only 100% recycled plastic in our frames, we use 70-75% less CO2 in our manufacturing than almost all other brands who use virgin materials (brand new plastic/ bioacetate).

Less energy

Because we've reengineered the frame, we use less energy in our production. We make a frame in 100 seconds instead of the typical 100 hours.

End of life

We take back broken parts to be recycled. We’ll give you the free Reply Paid address to send them to.

Plastic removal

Through Plastic Bank, we prevent plastic waste from reaching the ocean. The process 100% traceable and certified. Each pair sold removes 0.5kg (equiv. to 25 plastic bottles) from rivers and waterways.

Carbon positive

We lock away more carbon (10kg) than we use to make and send our glasses, through C2Zero using Mastercard Blockchain.

The most awarded

We have been internationally recognised for our unique repairable design as well as our ethical and sustainable credentials. So much so, we're now judging design and sustainable awards.

In London, we won the 2022 Marie Claire UK fashion award for Best Sustainable Accessory Brand (Eyewear).

We're now the most awarded eyewear brand in Australia and beyond.

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