Any attention that helps raise awareness of the single-use plastic issue is good attention.

We've had extensive press around the world. Here's a few.

How This Dad And His Sons Are Creating Good Citizens: A 100% Sustainable Australian Sunglass Range Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles.

Sydneysider Nik Robinson’s children were learning about the future of the environment at school and decided to do something about it.

Winners of the 2020 Sustainable Design initiative. Nik Robinson and his 8-year-old son, Harry, are not just family, they’re business partners.

National news story about our latest Bondi Rescue partnership and our quests to untrash™ the planet of single-use plastic.

Time Out is profiling the incredible people who are shaping the future of Sydney in this Future Shaper series. Meet Nik Robinson.

An in-depth interview between the host of the Apprentice and Nik Robinson. Talking early life and the highs and lows of business.

National 7 News across Australia. See how this Sydney family are taking on the world of fashion with 100% recycled eyewear. Made in Sydney.

Nik Robinson almost didn’t launch the Good Citizens in the pandemic. But being answerable to two under-10s, he didn’t have much of a choice.

Single-use plastic is a big issue. Thankfully, they have managed to perfect their craft and now have some pretty slick sunnies to show for all their hard work.

A brand which combines a high-end design aesthetic with a transparent, sustainable footprint. What was the inspiration and motivation behind it?

Good Citizens is a great option for recycled plastic sunglasses. The glasses are made in Sydney for radical transparency, meaning no one (nor the planet) is harmed.

Nik talks about just how challenging this whole process was and how he could see why more brands didn’t want to put in all the effort to make 100% recyclable products

“We never set out to make sunglasses,” Robinson says. “We set out to un-trash the planet. We wanted to take existing trash and turn it into something good.

From Stella McCartney to Good Citizens. As the summer approaches, so does the desire to go to the seaside. And that’s when you may see it for the first time: plastic pollution.

To help you understand how to fund your startup online business, we interviewed five entrepreneurs who have been there and done just that. Meet Nik from Good Citizens.

Winner 2022 accessory brand. These are smart and clever products that don’t disappoint in the style stakes,” says Marie Claire UK editor Sunil Makan.

Nik shares his personal story from his days on the radio at Triple M to dealing with severe dyselxia. No stone unturned.

In this optimistic ad, created and produced by Sydney agency Rasic and Partners, with direction and cinematography by Ingvar Kenne, old plastic bottles swirl around urban spaces and fall into waterways.

While we ordinarily see a discarded bottle cluttering up the pavement and think nothing of it, Good Citizen’s envisages opportunity.

An opportunity to rescue a bottle and turn it into something desirable.

'Secret Sauce' That Makes A Successful Entrepreneur In 2021. What we’ve never covered, are the common traits Australia’s top entrepreneurs share.

Worried about the amount of plastic piling up in the world, Good Citizens, decided to make a pair of sunglasses from disposable water bottles

On this months front cover. Good Citizens is about more than good profits. Of course money matters but so does purpose.

From an entire window in Selfridges London to speaking at the UN, Good Citizen is an Aussie brand kicking goals on the global stage.

Building a business on the foundations of radical transparency

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