Award-winning design • Fast & free shipping when you buy 2 pairs • Easy returns.
Award-winning design • Fast & free shipping when you buy 2 pairs • Easy returns.


Are your sunglasses really 100% recycled?
Yes! Our sunglasses frames are made entirely from post-consumer recycled single-use PET. We take the plastic of one 600ml bottle to make each frame including the hinges. And because they are made only of plastic, the frames are also 100% recyclable. 

Do you just use single-use soft drink bottles in your glasses?
We use recycled PET soft drink and water bottles in our glasses. That said, it's not unheard of for the odd PET shampoo bottle to find its way into our recycling pile too.

Are your lenses recycled? 
No they are not. The technology to produce recycled lenses isn't good enough yet. We've hired an Australian lens specialist to help us select the best polarised lenses possible for the best price point. The lenses in our sunglasses are the same as the top end of town.

For detail lovers, we use PLANO UV400, CAT 3 lenses. Our lenses have a very high 'Abbe' score and that means the clarity is extremely high. Often cheap lenses have a low Abbe score and the vision can be slightly blurred. Our lenses have an additional anti-scratch coating applied. 

All our sunglasses have been tested & meet the requirements of AS/NZS1067:2016 for lens category 3 sunglasses. 

Where are your sunglasses made?
Our frames are designed and made in Sydney, Australia.

How many styles do you have?
We have two styles. They come in three starting colours – Cola, Lemonade and Aqua – and they are available with polarised lenses.

What's the difference between polarised and non-polarised lenses?
As a rule, polarised lenses are considered to be the best lenses you can get for your eyes. They make the sea and sky a more vivid colour. 

What does modular design mean?
Think LEGO. We have a special system™ that clips together. We have one style of arms that clip onto different frame fronts. As we release new colours and styles you can mix things up. It also means that if a part breaks, we can recycle and replace just that part. Much better for the planet and your hip pocket.

Do you really pull 1kg of plastic out of the ocean for each sale?
Yes we do! From the sale of each pair, we donate funds to our various NGO partners to remove the plastic. In Australia we support the Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Team  Click here to see our impact.

Order issues?
Please email us immediately and include your order number to If you need to urgently change your mailing address, please include your new delivery address so we can facilitate the change quickly.

No confirmation email or tracking number?
You should receive a confirmation email as soon as you place your order. The tracking number will be sent to you when your glasses are booked in with our courier company. If you have issues, please contact us at

Where do you ship from?
All orders are shipped from our Sydney HQ. 

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. All international shipments are subject to duties, taxes and clearing fees which you are responsible for paying. Sadly, this is completely normal.

What we are not responsible for.
Please note if you refuse delivery, your package will be abandoned. Once abandoned, we will be unable to ship another package to you or issue a refund.

Who do I contact?
General citizen enquires & feedback: Our contact page form
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