Sustainable eco sunglasses made in Australia

Ethical wages, local jobs, inclusivity, quality, sustainability, and teamwork.

Proper living wage and worker welfare

By manufacturing in Australia, we ensure that all workers are paid a proper living wage and have their welfare looked after, promoting fair and ethical labor practices.

Employing local people

We are proud to employ local Australians, supporting the community and contributing to the local economy by creating meaningful job opportunities.

Jobs for all

Our dispatch centre provides employment opportunities for individuals with severe disabilities, allowing them to work and feel valued, fostering an inclusive workplace.

High-quality manufacturing oversight

By overseeing the manufacturing of our frames in Australia, we maintain high-quality standards, ensuring each product meets our rigorous expectations.

Manageable supply chain and reduced CO2

Our supply chain is highly manageable and significantly reduces CO2 emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production process.

Teamwork and problem solving

Working together in person allows us to effectively problem-solve and collaborate as a team, leading to the best outcomes and innovative solutions.

We also have a Robot called 'Andy' who lends a hand, we mean pincer!

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