Award-winning design • Fast & free shipping when you buy 2 pairs • Easy returns.
Award-winning design • Fast & free shipping when you buy 2 pairs • Easy returns.

Made in sunny Australia, like no other pair on the planet.

Customisable. Timeless style. Happy fit. 100% recycled. Polarised lenses.

100% recycled sunglasses

The plastic from one 600ml single-use bottle makes the frame, arms and hinges of one pair exactly.  No screws, no metal. 

To go from a bottle to pair of sunnies requires some serious science, polymer chemistry and precision manufacturing in Sydney.

Timeless style

We don’t do fast fashion. We've put our spin on classic shapes that have stood the test of time.

Beautifully designed and made in Sydney, our two styles come in a range of eye-catching colours including Cola, Lemonade and Aqua.

Self fixing

Can your current sunnies do this?! Every part can be replaced. We post you a new part so you can fix it in seconds. And we'll recycle any broken parts you post back to us. Good for you & the planet ;-)

Unique design

To make the glasses out of one bottle, we've reinvented the hinge to remove all screws and metal. Our design means all parts are fixable and recyclable.

The clip is also part of our distinctive look.

Polarised lenses

Our top-of-the-line polarised lenses are really good for your eyes. They come with high clarity ratings, serious sun protection and an additional anti-scratch coating. 

For you detail lovers: PLANO UV400 CAT 3 that have been tested and meet the Australian requirements of AS/NZS1067:2016 and European EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015 standards for sunglasses. 

Happy fit

No squeezing or pinching. Our super light frames flex to most face shapes and sizes. Our comfy fit nose bridge means you'll forget your even wearing them.

Just wear them and let the frame find its happy fit on your face.

The good thing is our recycled plastic can be adjusted.

Our size will fit most people, however, if your head is on the large size, our glasses might not be right for you. Sorry.