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Made in Sydney, like no other pair on the planet.

Repairable + 100% recycled + Polarised Lenses.

100% recycled bottle

The plastic from one discarded 600ml single-use bottle makes the frame & hinges of one pair exactly. No screws, no metal. 

This magic happens in Sydney!

Modular fun

You can mix up your look to match the swoosh on your favourite sneakers. Our clips & arms can be swapped in seconds.

Repair all parts

If any part of your frame breaks, we make & post you a new part so you can fix them yourself at home. Genius!

Premium lenses

Our UV400 CAT3 sun lenses are made by Carl Zeiss Vision. Prescription available.

Well hello!

Our unique coloured hinge makes you stand out as a good citizen. And you'll spot others as you go about your day.

Timeless style

We don’t do fast fashion. We've put our spin on classic shapes that have stood the test of time. Our entire range is 100% recycled.

Prescription lenses

We can make up single vision prescription sunglasses & spectacles.

Happy fit

No squeezing or pinching. Our super light frames flex to most face shapes and sizes. Our comfy fit means you'll forget you're even wearing them.

The good thing is our recycled plastic can be adjusted.