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Happy fit

Every head is unique and so are our frames. Out of the box your glasses may feel snug but after a few wears, they will relax to find your happy fit on your face. 

We ask you not to wear them on the top of your head as this may stretch the special hinge. 

If you ever need to tighten them, however, the good news is our recycled plastic arms can be heated in boiling hot water and then bent in a little. 

Please watch the video above or use our instructions below. 

Top tip: we recommend you do a practise run with cold water first to get the feel for it.

Note: optometrists traditionally use hot air to adjust frames and this will damage our recycled plastic. If you ever need them to adjust your frames, please tell them not to use air and show them the video.






Tip. Always use gentle pressure. You can repeat steps 2-3 to increase the curve if need be. We recommend wearing your sunnies for a few hours before you tighten them further. If you over-tighten them, don't worry, just wear them and the arms will relax to your happy fit.