Happy fit


If you ever need to adjust your frames, the good news is our recycled plastic arms can be heated in boiling hot water or with a standard hairdryer.

Note: optometrists traditionally use intense hot air machines to adjust frames and this will damage our recycled plastic. If you ever need them to adjust your frames, please show them our instructions.


Option 1

1. Fill a mug with freshly boiled water to the top. 

2. Submerge one arm to the indicated level. HOLD IN THE WATER FOR 10 SECONDS.


3. Quickly place on a flat surface as shown and use your finger to push the top of the arm in 5mm. HOLD FOR 10 SECONDS.


Tip. Apply gentle pressure. You can repeat steps 1-3 to increase the curve if need be. We recommend wearing your sunnies for a few hours before you tighten them further. If you over-tighten them, don't worry, just wear them and the arms will relax to your happy fit.


Option 2.

1. Hold a hairdryer on medium/high heat on the nose bridge area inside and out FOR A TOTAL OF 30-40 SECONDS

2. Hold the glasses as shown and gently bend the frames in to make them tighter or out to make them looser. A 1-2mm adjustment on the frame will bring the arms in at the tips 5-10mm so don't bend them too much. HOLD FOR 10 SECONDS. Let them cool for a further 30 seconds before trying on.

Repeat if needed. 


If you are nervous about adjusting them yourself, find a friendly optometrists and show them the instructions above. They will hopefully be a good citizen and help you ;-)

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