Lesson # 1. Never assume!

I kind of assumed people knew this about our business and when I sent an email announcing a recent award, my inbox was flooded with warm messages from customers surprised and wanting to know more. 

This International Disability Day we thanked all our customers who bought our glasses because people with a major disability who otherwise would never have a job, have one.

The Good Citizens dispatch centre is run by the likely mob above; a set of absolute legends and the happiest workforce you'll ever meet. Supported by NDIS funded trained carers, this team of superstars are paid by us to stock shelves, run our inventory and pack orders. 
Lesson #2 - Stick to the system!

The right system can produce the right results. Every time. I didn’t think we could get this to work but with the expert help of The Avenue, our system of dispatch has been designed so, no matter the disability, a label can be printed, a box can be picked and bagged, and the parcel taken to the post office. As a side note, we took dispatch back in house for one day and we made so many mistakes because, as able bodied as we are, we got distracted and stuffed up so many orders. The lesson? Stick to the system!

Good Citizens is a business that doesn't settle for the status quo. This added feel good dimension brings joy to the workers, the helpers, to us and to our customers. I’m guessing you share the same values as us - we believe everyone should be given a chance and no one should be left behind. 
An eyewear brand winning a Social Responsibility Award?
We recently picked up the Clean + Conscious 2023 Social Responsibility Award. This award recognises businesses that lead change and are committed to making a positive impact on society. To tell our dispatch team that they’d won and receive fist pumps and smiles makes the truly tuff times of running a small business so worth it. 
Thanks for reading this far down. 


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