Fully repairable sunnies!

Most glasses go into the bin when you bust an arm or hinge. Boo! Our modular system means all parts can be replaced and swapped by you in seconds. The same clips* and arms click onto any frame front. You can buy spare parts at the shop.

Take back service

We take back broken parts of our frames to be recycled. Please email us at hello@goodcitizens.com.au and we’ll give you the free Reply Paid address to send them to. Please note, we can only recycle Good Citizens parts, not parts from other brands.

*Note only version 2 bought after 25 May 2020 is able to accept these new clips.

Swap me

You can mix up arms and clips. Everything clicks together in seconds.

Swap arms

We sell different coloured arms so you can repair and mix up your look. Our clips and arms are universal and fit all our styles.

Lense replacement

What about lenses?

If you accidentally scratch your lenses, you can purchase a new set. Email us hurryup@goodcitizens.com.au.