Good citizens plastic bottle to a pair of sunglasses

Corporate Gifting

Being responsible for finding this year's corporate gift can be a daunting task. Let’s be honest, it sucks. Give people a memorable gift. You look good. We do good. Your reputation is not just intact but glowing. Win, win.

Mercedes-Benz recently made this film on our story below. Scroll a little further to see our range.

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Your total untrashing per pair bought

10kg CO2 Untrashed

We use 4.5kg of CO2 to make an entire pair. We prevent 10kg from reaching the earths atmosphere via C2Zero (Audited)

Ocean waste removal

We stop 0.5kg (equivalent weight to 25 plastic bottles) from the reaching the ocean via PlasticBank (Audited)

100% recycled

We rescue 3.75 bottles and turn them into our frames, cases and cleaning cloth.

LOVE this product!!

So light weight and comfortable, one of my best buys this year! LOVE how everything is made out of recycled plastic bottles!

Shelley Smith. Citizen #8259. (Verified)

Perfect lenses

The optics of the lenses are pretty close to perfect (I'm extremely picky when it comes to lens quality).

Jason Gale. Citizen #7936 (Verified)

Incredibly comfortable

I can't find words that really cut it to be honest. I got them two weeks ago and barely taken them off. Genius.

Zoe Steinhardt. Citizen #7042 (Verified)


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