We’re still pinching ourselves that we won two awards - Best in Class for Product Design Housewares and Objects and Gold for Fashion Impact - and with a product that’s 100% recycled. Boom!
The Good Awards are Australia’s peak international design awards – the highest honour for design and innovation in the country.
Turning a single-use plastic bottle has pushed every area of this project from the modular design to recycling the plastic to manufacturing. All of which happens in Australia.

The judges wrote the following comments about our design:
“Elegant, classic profiles and careful consideration of shape and form, mean these glasses do not need to rely on recycled materials to be relevant and prominent in the market. The fact that they are made from 100% recycled material is of incredible significance.

"From a design perspective, the hinge system is pivotal. The most common breakpoint has been managed as well as the sustainability aspect. A fantastic project.

“This is an excellent initiative and great use of design in the creation of "circular" sunglasses and recycling of bottles. The entrant is to be commended for their ingenuity and focus in the development of the concept, and for pushing through the challenge of ensuring maximum product components are recycled.

"This is where small details matter greatly, and turning the hinge solution into a design feature (brand signifier) is really clever. The design aesthetic as well as end-to-end branding is appealing, and well executed, and keeping to a concise product range in the early stages of business is really smart.”

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