Read about the launch in The Australian Business Review.

Selfridges in London has been recognised as the ‘best department store in the world' four times. Known as a fashion icon in its own right, Selfridges is frequented by celebrities and shoppers hunting down the world's latest fashion.

Whilst we'd been working away for 2.5 years inventing a way to turn a 600ml discarded plastic bottle into a pair of sunnies (with many ups and downs, tears, sweat and even breaking the family car’s suspension from driving the tool to and from the mender), Selfridges had been following our journey. 

Five months after we launched, we decided to launch our glasses exclusively with Selfridges. They loved our product and story so much, they gave us an entire window next to Prada. This isn’t a typo, it's true. We’re currently on display for the world to see.

The Selfridges 14 window displays, that get changed just four times a year, are seen as windows into the future. The media and the fashion world look to these windows to see which trends are about to hit the mainstream.

Like you and many others in the fashion industry, we asked Selfridges why they chose to put Good Citizens in the window. Director of Accessories at Selfridges, Eleanor Robinson (no relation to us by the way), told The Australian newspaper:

“At Selfridges, we are searching for new talent, whether they are a big name or a small start-up. We love to support every brand we work with and as a father and son duo working hard to change the norm, we wanted to give them the best possible opportunity for launching in the UK.”

Not only are we in the window but our glasses also have a special display area amongst the most famous eyewear brands of the world like Gucci, Prada and Oliver Peoples to name just a few.

How to does it feel to have a window? I think our quote in a recent press article pretty much sums it up:

"To be invited to be stocked in Selfridges is quite something, but to be given a window for three months is next level. We know we’re pioneering in the sustainable eyewear space, but to get recognition for the work we’re doing from one of the greatest fashion icons of the world is an accolade indeed.” Nik Robinson.

In other words, we were totally stoked!

If you happen to be in London, go check out our window and visit us on Ground.

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