Aviator sunglasses with coloured Lenses: The must-have accessory for 2024

As fashion trends evolve, certain timeless accessories remain indispensable, effortlessly bridging seasons and continents. This year, aviator sunglasses with coloured lenses are the standout accessory for the European summer and Australian winter. Their classic style, combined with our vibrant blue, orange, or yellow Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, makes them perfect for both day and night wear. Whether you're hitting the dance floor, enjoying après-ski, or enhancing your sharp business attire, these aviators are your go-to accessory. Here’s why our aviator sunglasses stand out in the crowd.


    Timeless style with a modern twist

    Swappable arms and hinges

    What truly makes our aviators unique and the best sunglasses is the ability to customise them to suit your personal style. The arms and hinges can be easily swapped out, allowing you to mix and match colours and styles to fit any outfit or occasion. This customisation ensures that your sunglasses are as versatile as your wardrobe.

    Repairable and durable

    Built to last

    Life is full of unexpected moments, whether it’s a spill on the dance floor or a tumble on the ski slopes. Our aviators are designed to be fully repairable in seconds, ensuring that even if you have a mishap, your sunglasses can be fixed by you at home. This repairability not only saves you money but also reduces waste, making them an eco-friendly choice.

    Distinctive visual signifier

    Style with a statement

    Our aviators feature a distinctive striped hinge that not only adds a unique design element (also makes them modular) but also signals to the world that you care about style, fashion, and the planet. This standout feature shows your commitment to sustainability and your passion for making a positive impact. Hell yeah!

    Made in Sydney and 100% recycled frame

    Sustainable Fashion

    In an era where sustainability is paramount, our aviator sunglasses lead the way in eco-friendly fashion. Each pair is made from 100% recycled plastic, sourced from a single 600ml plastic bottle. Crafted in Sydney, these sunglasses reflect a commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility. By choosing our aviators, you’re supporting sustainable fashion and contributing to an untrashed planet.

    Perfect for any occasion

    Day and night versatility

    The vibrant Carl Zeiss Vision coloured lenses in blue, orange, or yellow are not just stylish but also functional, providing excellent visibility in various lighting conditions. These lenses are perfect for day wear*, offering full UV400 protection while adding a pop of colour to your look. At night, they add a chic, playful touch that’s perfect for parties or evening events.

    Ideal for all settings

    • On the Dance Floor: Lightweight and comfortable, our aviators are perfect for dancing the night away.
    • Après-Ski: Stylish and functional, these sunglasses protect your eyes whilst you get stuck into the party.
    • Business Attire: The classic aviator style with a modern twist fits seamlessly with sharp business attire. 

    *Please note whilst these lenses have 100%UV protection they will not reduce the sun glare as much as our Carl Zeiss Vision grey and brown polarised and non-polarised lenses. 


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    Good Citizens is a global fashion leader in sustainable design. All of our sunglasses, readers and prescription frames are 100% recycled from one 600ml discarded plastic bottle. We prioritise sustainable business practices, from using 100% recycled materials, being carbon negative (not just carbon neutral) to our modular design that allows for easy repair and recycling of broken parts.

    We're the most awarded eyewear brand in Australia and globally acknowledged for our best practice approach.

    Help us untrash the planet®

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