Sustainability means many things to many people and can be quite confusing. I asked my kids what it means to them, and they said, “Only using what you really need for today that leaves enough for tomorrow.”

Kind of simple and true—don’t be greedy!

You’ve probably heard the words reduce, reuse, and recycle often used and maybe wondered what they mean and how you can adopt them to help and feel a little more connected to the planet.

As a brand, these three words are the backbone of everything we do and underpin our mission to help untrash the planet®.

Reduce: think twice about single-use plastics

What it means:
Reducing is about cutting down on the amount of waste we generate. It involves making mindful choices that result in less waste and pollution.

How you can adopt it:
  1. Say no to single-use plastics: bring your own bags, bottles, and containers when shopping or dining out.
  2. Buy in bulk: reduce packaging waste by purchasing items in larger quantities.
  3. Choose products with minimal packaging: opt for items with less or no plastic packaging.
Our commitment:
At Good Citizens Eyewear, we educate and encourage people to think twice about using single-use plastics. For instance, the Victorian Education Authority now includes Good Citizens' story and design principles as part of the curriculum. The next generation of kids is already thinking about innovative ways to use recycled plastic, ensuring a sustainable future.

Reuse: extend the life of products

What it means:
Reusing involves finding new ways to use items instead of discarding them. It’s about maximising the lifecycle of products and materials.

How you can adopt it:
  1. Repurpose items: use jars for storage, old clothes as cleaning rags, or creatively transform household items into new uses. My dad came to stay from the UK and our light broke. He went out and found some drift wood and made this! 

  2. Buy second-hand: thrift shops, garage sales, and online marketplaces are great places to find pre-loved items.
  3. Repair instead of replace: fix broken items instead of throwing them away. My Nanna had a toaster that lasted 30 years because she got it fixed!
Our commitment:
Our glasses are modular and repairable, designed to last longer and stay out of landfill. By creating eyewear that can be easily repaired, we ensure that our products have a prolonged lifecycle, reducing the need for new materials.

Recycle: give new life to old materials

What it means:
Recycling involves converting waste materials into new, reusable products. It helps to reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, decrease energy usage, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

How you can adopt it:
  1. Sort your waste: separate recyclables from general waste and put things in the right council bin.
  2. Participate in local recycling programs: utilise community recycling services and follow guidelines for proper disposal.
  3. Buy recycled products: support the market for recycled goods by choosing products made from recycled materials. Make sure a brand is really doing the good stuff and not greenwashing. (here's our sustainabilty page).
Our commitment:
We only use 100% recycled plastic in our frames and hinges. Additionally, we take back old and broken parts and find them a new home, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. This commitment to recycling helps us reduce our environmental footprint and support a circular economy.

I hope you don't feel overwhelmed.

By embracing the principles of "reduce, reuse, recycle," we can all contribute to a healthier planet. As individuals, making small, conscious choices in our daily lives adds up to a significant positive impact. At Good Citizens Eyewear, we are proud to lead by example, integrating these principles into our products and business practices. 

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