#1 job no one wants.

Being responsible for finding this year's corporate gifts can be a daunting task. Let’s be honest, it sucks. It was once my job and I failed so miserably that I got a verbal warning! In my opinion, my boss just didn’t see the funny side. 

Feeling the pressure.

Corporate gift hunting is time-consuming and requires a great deal of research and creativity. The pressure to get it right is high, and rightfully so. It can impact the relationship between the company and its clients, partners or employees. A bad gift can cause havoc with your reputation.

Time + research + creativity + budget + originality

The task of finding a good corporate gift often involves navigating a complex set of expectations and considerations. The gift must be appropriate for the recipient, reflect the values and personality of the company, and fit within a budget. 

Additionally, it must be unique enough to stand out from other gifts the recipient may receive, yet still be practical and useful.

And this is where my story starts….

I was recently sent a drinks bottle as a gift from a brand at the top of its game. Sadly, the drinks bottle fell to pieces within a week. 

#corporate gift failure

So what I hear you you say, it was a freebie? Bizarre as this sounds, it made me massively question the brand that sent it. 

Will their rather expensive product also fall to bits? You might think that's silly, but the bottle had the brand's logo on the side, and to me, that connects the two. It created doubt.

Have you ever received a corporate gift that made you roll your eyes or cringe in disappointment? Maybe I’m not alone. The truth is, businesses that send out cheap and generic corporate gifts are doing themselves a disservice.

How awkward it is to receive something you didn’t ask for.

What a business decides to send out is a reflection of their brand, values, and now in 2023, a commitment to sustainability. 

Sending out bin worthy cheap candles that promise the smells of the most sacred forests from the hinterlands surrounding Byron Bay or a fake leather wine bottle holder is not only bad for the planet, but it's also bad for your reputation. 

Something strangely good is happening and our phone is ringing.

We’re having more and more conversations with businesses that are searching for truly recycled gifting products that not only show their dedication to sustainability but also stand out from the crowd in a good way.

A corporate gift with inbuilt joy and meaning.

Our business was born to help ‘untrash the planet of nasty discarded single-use plastic’. We have a great story and you can be part of it by supporting our mission. When you gift our glasses you’re finding 7.5 discarded bottles a new home and stopping 10kg of CO2 from reaching the world's atmosphere. 

You look good. We do good. Your reputation is not just intact but glowing. Win, win.

So… let’s do business...put your corporate gift finder out of their misery and point them in our direction.

goodcitizens.com.au or email us at help@goodcitizens.com.au 


You want a little more detail? Sure.

Good Citizens is an Australian brand leading the way in 100% recycled eyewear (that also make fabulous gifts..wink wink) and has made global headlines with its fashion innovation. From an entire window in Selfridges London, being featured in Forbes to speaking at the United Nations, Good Citizens has a truly powerful story. And you can now wear it. We can also customise our box and make things extra special.

Want us to talk at your next conference?

On a side note, we’ve done plenty of corporate and educational speaking sessions to the likes of Tesla, Google, RMIT, The Powerhouse Museum and recently the Media Federation of Australia. If you’re interesting in combining a purchase of glasses and having us talk, let us know.

PS. We also do digital gift cards so you can let people pick their own perfect pair.

 Untrash the planet™

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