We won't lie, we were a little shocked to be asked to be on a live Q&A panel at the United Nations 2020 Global Impact Forum.

"Why us we asked?"
"Because you're transparent about your business and you hide nothing."
When the big day came, I had to give Harry's school a reason for taking him away for an hour out in the middle of the day. It was a bit unusual to tell them he'd be talking at the United Nations.

Needless to say, we left the school office staff rather bemused.
5.....4.....3....2.....1.... Live

Sitting at home, Harry and I nervously waited for the link to New York to go live. COVID had taken the event online.

Our pre-recorded intro interview was played, then our camera light glowed red.

The first question was fired at the panel and to my shock, Harry put his hand up and said "Dad, I've got this!"

As his dad, I was praying he'd say the right thing, I then realised it didn't matter what he said as we have nothing to hide.

Harry answered two questions that day and I felt very proud that his voice was heard by such a diverse group of leaders.

Radical transparency is so important to us. It the back bone of our mission to Untrash the planet™.

We’ve marked this as a wow moment in our business. This is the joy of running your own small business, you never know what will happen next!
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