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Michelle Cox

Wearing: Aqua Palm Beach. Lives: Palm Beach. Website Instagram Podcast

 Michelle has a ‘portfolio career’ which means she gets to do lots of fun, interesting things every day that are incredibly varied. She’s a Non-Executive Director on the boards of two ASX listed companies, an advisor of The Linchpin Company, an Author, Host of the ‘One Question Podcast’ and founder of Makers Studio & Retail store, Atelier 9 - Avalon, with the purpose of connecting community through creative endeavours. 

Passionate about living an unconventional life and encouraging others to do more of what they love, Michelle took her ‘corporate turned creative’ venture further in 2020, as she transformed what started as a ceramics hobby into a thriving ceramic business making tableware for clients under the brand Wabi Sabi Series. 

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What do you love about being a Ceramicist? 

I get so much joy in making creative pieces that people love, use and appreciate every day. Eating from a plate or bowl that has been made mindfully, with love, feels very different than eating from something mass produced. Wheel throwing and handbuidling are incredibly cathartic. I have a busy mind and playing with clay is like a moving meditation to me. It’s pure delight!  

Favourite book to read by the pool?

Usually a trashy/romcom novel! I read so much for my board work and podcast research, when I’m relaxing I want something more mind-numbing. 

 Favourite place to soak up the sun?

Locally, Whale Beach is my fave. It’s my closest beach and not as crowded as Palmie. 

What makes a good community for you?

Connection. Friendliness. Looking out for one-another. We moved to the Northern Beaches seven years ago looking for a greater sense of community and this area has it in spades. There are so many fascinating people that live up here, it’s a wonderful place to live. 

You also have your own podcast - what’s it about?

I ask guests one question - “If there is one thing you wish society would talk more about, what would it be?” The guest sets the topic and the conversation stems from there. The topics are so varied and interesting, we are now into the fourth season.

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