Love your sunnies forever

Good Citizens look after things and that means they last longer and it's better for the planet. Here are a few tips for keeping your sunnies in good condition.

1. Please use the soft case provided; it will prevent lens and frame scratches. Be careful not to submerge your glasses in sea water as it may effect the lenses.

2. Please avoid wearing them on your head as it will stretch our special hinges. Instead, feel free to hang them from your t-shirt collar; we've designed a nice flat edge so they don't pull like metal hinges do. If you need to adjust the size click here.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning the frames and lenses. Don't use things like methylated spirits as it will destroy the plastics finish. Soap and water is fine.

4. Never leave in a hot vehicle

Plastic frames will lose shape if left inside hot vehicles. Even inside a glove box and in the case the plastic may warp. 

As an example 22°C outside, in a car it can reach 47°C.

The expansion and contraction of the lenses in high temperatures can cause warping resulting in poor optical quality. 

Please use the provided case and take your sunglasses with you. 

Contact us with any questions.

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