Frame warranty


If something goes wrong on your Good Citizens adventure, rest assured we're here to make things good again.

We provide a 12 month warranty against any manufacturing defects. 

If a part, or even the complete frame, breaks from normal use*, we'll replace it. If anything breaks outside of the 12 months, please do contact us, we're Good Citizens after all.

Minor frame damage like scratches & dings and a little wear and tear are sadly not covered.

Contact so we can start the process of getting them back on your face quick smart.

Scratched lenses

Whilst our lenses are made by Carl Zeiss Vision of Germany, they are not indestructible and we can't replace them for free. If you do scratch them, contact us and we'll do our best to organise a replacement set of lenses at a good citizen price.

NOTE: Be careful not to submerge your glasses in sea water as it may effect the lenses.

Frame care

Never use harsh chemicals on the frames; it's not good for the plastic or the planet. To keep your sunnies looking good, clean them every now and then with some soapy water. See more tips on care.

Never leave in a hot vehicle

Plastic frames will lose shape if left inside hot vehicles. Even inside a glove box and in the case the plastic may warp. 

As an example 22°C outside, in a car it can reach 47°C.

The expansion and contraction of the lenses in high temperatures can cause warping resulting in poor optical quality. 

Please use the provided case and take your sunglasses with you. 

Sadly we can't cover frames or lenses that have been effected. 

Use the soft case

To keep your sunnies in good condition, please use the soft case included to protect them in your pocket or bag.

*We, like you, will use our good citizen judgement to determine normal use. Reversing your campervan over them might be pushing the friendship ;) 

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