We’ve compiled and answered the 10 top myths about reading, prescription and sunglasses made from recycled plastic. Good Citizens is based on radical transparency and no BS so we’ve kept it jargon free! If you have any further questions please email us.

Myth 1: Recycled Plastic Sunglasses Are Low Quality

Fact: It depends. If you take plastic directly from the ocean and try to make sunglasses, the frame will be brittle and likely fall to pieces. We tried it. To get it to work, we had to add 70% new (virgin) plastic versus 30% ocean waste. This is madness.

Our 100% recycled plastic supply comes from discarded single-use bottles that have been placed in public and home bins and is called post-consumer waste. It's cleaned, refined, and once put through our special process, our 100% recycled plastic is strong, durable, looks, and feels just like new plastic. We failed 2503 times to get it right, so check with any brand who makes any recycling claim about their process and how much virgin plastic they mix in!

Myth 2: They Are Less Durable

Fact: Good Citizens sources the very best recycled plastic; every batch is lab-tested, and unless it passes these tests, it won't be turned into our frames. Our unique repairable design means all 5 parts can we swapped in seconds incase your dog decides to much your arm! To date we've had under 50 pairs returned for breakages including 10 from a dog munching the frame, 1 involved a guy face planting the bottom of the swimming pool after standing on a  beach ball. 3 drunk people couldn't remember and one falling off a skidoo in Norway!

Myth 3: They Look Cheap

Fact: We've won more design and style awards than any other eyewear brand in Australia. We've also received the biggest fashion tick of approval, with Selfridges London giving us our own window display next to Prada for 3 months. Why? Our unique design screams originality and has been crafted to work on the average face, so you know they'll suit you. We’ve also worked hard to create a beautiful premium surface finish. 

Myth 4: They Are Less Comfortable

Fact: The comfort of sunglasses is influenced by factors such as design, fit, and materials. We spent 18 months working on just the nose bridge area, resulting in the most comfortable fit ever. You'll forget you're wearing them because they're also super light, weighing the same as one 600ml plastic bottle!

Myth 5: They Don't Provide Adequate UV Protection

Fact: Our lenses are German-engineered with 100% UV protection and super high clarity rating lenses made by Carl Zeiss Vision. (Ask your dad about this Sony camera or binoculars! Same lens company). Here's the good bit: Other eyewear brands with similar lenses retail for $350+. We've kept your protection at 100% while making them accessible in price, starting from $117.

Myth 6: They Are More Expensive

Fact: Rubbish! We make our frames in Sydney to control quality, and we pay a real living wage. No one or the planet is harmed. We use premium German lenses. We capture carbon, we fund plastic removal. Our recycled plastic costs more to sort and process. We also have a modular frame system so you can swap or replace any part in seconds, keeping them looking fresh and out of landfills. When you weigh up all that, our price starting at $117 is super affordable.

Myth 7: They Are Bad for the Environment

Fact: Recycled plastic sunglasses are generally better for the environment than those made from virgin plastic because they reduce the demand for new plastic production and help divert plastic waste from landfills. This means 70-75% less CO2 is used in our manufacturing, and we have zero material waste.

Because our frames are repairable it means we can send just that part to you so you meaning the frame lasts longer. 

Myth 8: They Are Hard to Find

Fact: Truly recycled glasses are hard to find because most brands mislead or lie. If you can't find sustainable information within 60 seconds of visiting a website, then they're hiding something. If they also say "designed in Australia" but don't tell you where they make them, assume something shady is going on because it probably is. Visit our site for a list of stockists, use our virtual try-on service, or take advantage of our free shipping and returns.

Myth 9: They Can't Be Customised or Repaired

Fact: Being able to customise and repair is at the heart of our brand. Our modular design means you can swap and repair all parts in seconds. We sell different coloured parts so you can mix things up. This thinking won us one of the best design awards in the world, the Good Design Best in Class award for product design. 

Myth 10: They Are Less Fashionable

Fact: Fashion is subjective, and recycled plastic sunglasses can be just as stylish and trendy as any other type of eyewear. Last year in London, Good Citizens picked up the award for the best fashion accessory from Marie Claire UK, voted by 50+ international fashion and style experts. We were also selected by the head of buying at Selfridges London to be stocked and given an entire exclusive window display. Selfridges doesn't put things in the window unless they tick all the style and quality boxes!

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Good Citizens is a fashion leader in sustainable design. All of our sunglasses, readers and prescription frames are 100% recycled from one 600ml discarded plastic bottle. We prioritise sustainable business practices, from using 100% recycled materials, being carbon negative (not just carbon neutral) to our modular design that allows for easy repair and recycling of broken parts.

We're the most awarded eyewear brand in Australia and globally acknowledged for our best practice approach.

Help us untrash the planet®

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