Instead of trying to conquer the world this 'Plastic Free July,' we decided to keep things super local. We make our frames in a beautiful beach village near Sydney called Avalon; we can literally hear the waves from the workshop (yup, we're pretty lucky).

For the last two months, we have been collecting discarded plastic bottles from the streets, sand dunes and local cafes. Every day, we'd go out bottle hunting, and some locals thought we were very weird.

With our friends at Nash+Banks, the local boutique selling beautiful sustainable goods, we filled the window with the bottles to encourage the village to collectively think about plastic waste.

The kids got their hands on the power tools, and what should have taken 20 minutes took 7 hours... but with finger buns from the local bakery as a reward, the job was finished.

This idea might not change the world, but it has definitely got people talking.

As a kid, my grandad would say to me, "Look after the cents, and the dollars will look after themselves." Perhaps he was right. If we all take care of our local areas and keep them untrashed, then the entire world will take care of itself!

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