Wearing: Clovelly Black Sunglasses & Readers. Lives: Whale Beach. Occupation: Co-founder of The Wise One Within. Listen to one of his healing mixes.

Chris is a Master Energy Healer, and practitioner of Reiki, Bio-Magnetic Touch and Sekhem, with a background in Sound & Lighting design, Music production and a former international DJ.

What do you love about being the co-founder of The Wise One Within?
I love hearing the feedback from people who have experienced our transmissions. Many have reported being transported to distant locations beyond time and space. I also love playing a part in peoples life changing experiences.

Favourite book to read by the pool?
How to swim by Jo King……lol  to be honest I don’t tend to read  by the pool. I prefer to listen to either inspirational speakers like Alan Watts, Les brown or Manly P  Hall  or go on a journey with one of my own Trans:missions from The Wise One Within.

Favourite place to soak up the sun? 
 I would say Ibiza is a great place to soak up the sun, after living there for 14 years I would know. Having said that, Sailing up the Nile with my wife and the Red Sea in Egypt are also some of my favourite places.

What makes a good community for you? 
Feeling like I am home.  Walking into a place where I am greeted by smiling faces and warm hearted people is key.  Everybody has something going on in their life that is unseen to others. A simple smile from a stranger can be enough to change someones day for the better. 

Helping people to heal is what I do best and I feel it is important that local communities are also are taught how they can help others too.

Do you have good quote or piece of advice someone gave you that has helped navigate life?

I have a few! 

“Sound is the medicine of the future.“ - Edgar Cayce, this is a great one and very relevant to what I do. 

 “Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality.” -  Les Brown.

 I say this a lot. It has helped many people, me being one of them.  And finally another quote from Les Brown. 

 “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. “  there is so much truth in this.

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